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Field Trips

Welcome to our library of field trips! Search through our field trips by NGS standard and/or grade. We welcome you to adapt any field trips to your curriculum. Those with a star next to their name have been taught by Caltech GPS volunteers in Pasadena Unified School District classrooms. These field trips are continually being tested and revised.

Students will explore geomorphology, and the effects of fires, water and humans on a watershed and landscape. (3.5 hrs)
This trip, designed for the Seismolab Earthquake Fellows summer program, is a day-long trip exploring local/regional faults around Pasadena and the local mountains. (8 hrs; 3 hr option to Eaton Canyon only.)
Students will discover how a watershed determines the flow of water and the movement of rocks by matching rock samples to a geologic map. This is a module that can be combined with other field trip modules or adapted to be taught in a classroom. (25 mins)
Students will visit a local park and learn about the microbial world around them through a hike and four science activities. This field trip can be modified to include any combination of the four science activities. One activity guides students to collect mud samples to analyze in the classroom. A corresponding classroom lesson plan is available on the "Lessons" page. (5 hrs)
Students will compare and contrast leaves from different local trees and connect their observations to water availability. This is a short module that can be combined with other field trip modules. (25 mins)
Students will visit a local debris basin and learn about two different ways that humans can manage debris flows to keep our neighborhoods safe. (2.75 hrs)