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Lesson Plans

Welcome to our library of lesson plans! Search through our lesson plans by NGS standard and/or grade. We welcome you to adapt any lesson plan to your curriculum. Lessons with a star next to their name have been taught by Caltech GPS volunteers in Pasadena Unified School District classrooms. These lesson plans are continually being tested and revised.

Students will learn to describe rocks and minerals, and start to understand the processes that form them. (60 mins)
Demonstrate how difficult it can be to predict when sudden Earth events will be triggered - volcanoes, earthquakes, etc. (1 hour)
Students learn about stormwater runoff and erosion, using their bodies in an interactive physical activity outside. (60 mins)
Students will observe, describe, interpret a variety of excellent fossil and rocks samples, learning how geologists can use such samples to understand Earth's past climatic conditions. (60 mins)